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Where we are revolutionizing the way small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) manage their finances. We understand that finance can be an unnecessarily complex burden for entrepreneurs and managers, often lacking the level of service and understanding SMEs truly need.

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Unlike traditional financial services firms that may not prioritize small businesses, Capisso is dedicated to providing exceptional bookkeeping services tailored specifically to SMEs and accountants. We believe that technology holds the key to simplifying financial processes, making them more accessible and cost-effective.

Through our innovative web portal and seamless integration with popular communication platforms like WhatsApp, we empower our clients to effortlessly upload their data. From there, our dynamic combination of cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals takes over, extracting vital information and creating accurate entries in our advanced accounting software.

At Capisso, our commitment extends beyond mere data entry. We believe in providing a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower SME owners and managers. From preparing and submitting VAT returns to crafting meticulous end-of-year company accounts, we handle it all, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.


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